First blog post

“Hello World!”

Back in the day (way way back in the late 90’s) this is was the first phrase I added to my website so I thought it would be appropriate to start this one with it as well.  I believe my first site was pink, words that followed the tail of your mouse cursor, random images (not from a digital camera because those were not s common place.. did they exist yet? I don’t know) and probably some 8-bit music.

Hopefully blog will be a smidge more sophisticated but its me and I can be a tacky child at heart so who really knows.  I created this blog at the insistence of my sister, after I rambled on about shopping and jeans and probably messaged her eyes off (is that an equivalent of talked her ears off? how do we adapt those idioms to modern times?) about shopping and all things related.

Perhaps this will be an outlet for me, my obsessions, my random thoughts, my shopping habit and maybe somebody will read it.  Maybe I’ll find more of my kind.  Who knows.

But lets start!

Hello World!  I’m Emery.


More Randoms:  Ok I was going to stop there but I have a couple more thoughts.  This default image that WordPress put for my first post is freaking AWESOME.  This is the kind of art I saw out of my eyeballs before I had them lasered (Lasik) earlier this year.  Although I can see 20/15 now.. I have to admit I will miss the wonderful blurry light art that my eyes used to naturally produce.