Favorite Skinnies

In the world of material quests, I feel like I’ve finally found my ride or die skinny jeans. For such a closet staple, its a big statement to make and I feel like I’ve finally found them!

I remember when skinny jeans started to become popular, over a decade ago.  I even remember making a post (back in the day I was on good ‘ol Xanga) about how bizarre I thought they looked. Way back in the day, unless you were 5’8″ or taller, skinny jeans bunched at your ankles, giving the illusion of cankles or wrinkly cankles? Also, denim technology back then didn’t give us the stretch that great skinnies really need, so they were just not awesomely comfortable.  Well, I got over having a little extra cloth by the ankles, jumped on the bandwagon and I’ve never looked back.

Today, I look for jeans that have the perfect

  1. Length – An inseam of about 28″ is perfect for me.  Being 5’4″, anything longer than a 29″ inseam sends me to alterations or has me dealing with fabric cankles
  2. Distressing – blue jeans look the most slimming when they are gradually and slightly distressed on the thighs
  3. Rise and band – Plumbers butt is not acceptable.  Full stop.  The rise needs to be high enough (not circa Britney 2002) and the band needs to fit your waist properly so it doesn’t gape in the back
  4. Amount of Stretch – allowing me to move and groove and keeping things taut without overstretching over the course of the day and getting saggy butted
  5. Back Pockets – back pocket size and placement makes a HUGE difference in how your butt looks in jeans.  Mixing the wrong pockets on the wrong butt can make your butt look huge and saggy

Can you sense a theme here?   Skinny jeans have to make your legs and butt look good because there is no space (literally) to hide anything!!

For me it comes down to two pairs that I can comfortably wear all day, off the rack, and know they’ll hold up for years to come.  One high rise, and one mid rise.

High Rise Jeans

I’m loving high rise jeans and pants lately.  When the jeans are in a dark wash, it gives the illusion of longer legs and can help suck and tuck in the tummy and reduce muffin tops.

Petite Women’s Citizens Of Humanity ‘Rocket’ Skinny Jeans • Citizens of Humanity •
Women’s Citizens Of Humanity Rocket High Waist Skinny Jeans • Citizens of Humanity •
Women’s Citizens Of Humanity Sculpt – Rocket High Waist Skinny Jeans • Citizens of Humanity •

Mid Rise Jeans

Mid rises is my comfortable go to. Great with belts and not too low where you feel like you need to keep hiking them up.

 Citizens of Humanity Avedon Ankle • Citizens of Humanity • $188
AG The Middi Ankle Skinny Jeans in 6 Years Dive • AG Jeans •
AG The Middi Ankle Skinny Jeans in Moonlight • AG Jeans •

Random thoughts : I love that I can use the words “saggy butted” together without being systematically flagged for improper use of very real words